Types of Texas Hold'em Poker

No limit

A game without betting limits. Each players can bet or raise up to the amount of available chips at the table. Usually there is an opening bet which has to be minimal in the amount of the previous bet.

Fixed limit

The player decides whether to bet or not and the amount he can bet is fixed by table rules. The fixed amount doubles in the last round of betting to be able to bluff or protect the pot. In each round you can bet the maximum of 4 times: bet, raise, reraise and re-reraise. Players rarely fold as the price to see the community cards is low. The stacks deplete slowly and the games last longer.

Pot limit

The times players can bet is not limited but the amount is. Minimum bet is the big blind, and the maximum is the size of the pot. Minimum bet is the amount of the previous bet in the round and the maximum is the current pot (pot + amout which a player needs to play in order to continue the game). The betting has no set times it can be played. In the first rounds the betting is standard and soon enough player bet can get very high. It is hard to bluff in the first rounds as the price to see the flop is low. Althought the pot is small in the beginning it ends up pretty high by the end of the hand.

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