Terms and conditions

Wwin management has the right to alter these rules without notice and all users must abide by the current rules, we advise that you check the rules regularely.

Wwin has the right to refuse any registration without further exaplanation.

Wwin has the right to close or block any existing account without prior explanation. In that case or in the case of self exclusion, the entire balance of the account will be returned to the user, unless it was discovered that there was fraudolent behavior or if it is suspected of such.

The user claims ful responsibility to abide by the local laws and regulations. Wwin does not take any responsibility in the case that the user is not holding by these rules.

The user commits to entering his complete and accurate personal information. Not providing the same infromation can result in disqualification, closing of account or confiscating money in account.

The user is solely responsible for his username and password. All activities connected to using the username or password is the sole reposnisibility of the user.

User account is personal and the user is fully responsible for obligations connected to his account and has full right to winnings and privilages.

If there is a dispute between the user and Wwin, all Wwin decisions are final, binding and conclusive in all questions.

Wwin is actively managing all possible ways to investigate suspicious caese of any behaviour that refers to fraud, colusion, money laundering or any other criminal behaviour of the user. Such a case can be sent to the responsible authorities as well.

Wwin has the right to actively research suspicious cases, all kinds of frauds, collusions, activities of money laundering or behaviour which goes against general rules and terms of playing on Wwin.com. This includes using Anti-fraud software and freezing of amounts in accounts while the investigation is in progress. The user admits to his balance being confiscated and account closed if it is determined that the user was infolved in such behaviour.

All users accept that the winnings from playing can be canceled by the decision of Wwin, even if the user acted in good will if it is determined that the win came from fraudolent behaviour or any other activity which were not in terms with the rules and conditions and if it was a software malfunction.

Any kind of dispute will be settled between the client and Wwin under the court of Banja Luka, Bih.

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