Play Style

Depending on the type of the player and the way they bet, players can have different styles. There are 4 basic styles of play:

1. Tight Passive

This players does not play a lot of hands and will mostly call without raising with a hand.

2 Loose passive

He will just call without raising. He will call a bet or a raise to see the Flop. He will stay in the hand only if he hits the bord, even if the combination is low in value (see hand rankings)

3 Tight aggressive

Usually plays few hands. He chooses his range carefully and only plays the best combinations. Unlike the tight passive player, when he plays, he does it with detrmination with initiative.

4 Loose aggressive

Usually raises with a wide range. After the flop he usually continues to bet. This player is very hard to read as he take initiative and playes aggressively with a wide range.

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