These advice will help you to be ready to play Poker - one of the most popular games with over 100mil players around the world. Playing online you are playing against other players with different skills. Have fun and consider the following advice.

Bankroll management

Don't gamble everything in one game. Play with a mximum of 5% of your bankroll on each table. Bet in the limits of personal capabilities. Play the limit that you can afford. In the games with higher stakes you risk big amounts and you can lose a lot of money. Split your game to more tables. If you see that you are not playing at your best at one table concentrate more on an another one. Keep to this advice and you will save your balance.

Carefully choose your betting limits as the limit determines how high are the small and big blind and what is the minimum and maximum amount you have to put on the table. Beginners should play on smaller limits and when they develop their game and feel ready to play bigger limits respectfully of their bankroll they should advance to the next level.

The same rule applies to Sit&Gos and tourneys where awards can be higher but are hard to acquire as there are many players competing for it. This is why the game should be divided so you can try and win prizes more than once.

Follow this rule! No matter how well you play, sometimes you won't be lucky and you will lose. This is why it is important not to wager everything on your account. Manage your balance so you can reenter the game at the same table or an other table.

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