Poker Rules

These rules apply to all games. The rules are almost identical to the ones used in Las Vegas casinos

In case of dissagreement the management decision is final

Hand ranking

The winning hand is always determined by the best hand made out of 5 cards. Aces are the strongest card, except in the straight A-2-3-4-5 when the Ace is counted as 1

If two or more players have the card of the same rank, the winning hand is the one with the stronger kicker

If the hand is still tied, kicker (stronges card) decides the winning hand


Q-Q-Q-6-6 Wins Q-Q-Q-5-5
Kh-7h-5h-3h-2h Wins Qs-Js-Ts-8s-6s
A-A-K-T-6 Wins A-A-Q-J-5
J-J-J-A-Q Wins J-J-J-A-9

If there is an odd chip (1 cent) it goes to the winnign player left of the dealer



Our games are played with stakes. This means that you can play only with chips that are available at your table in front of you. There are minimum buy-ins on each table and on PL and NL tables there is also a maximum buy-in.


Example of minimum buyins:

Texas Hold'em/Omaha Fixed Limit

Limit Min Buy-In Max Buy-In
€ 0,02/0,04 € 0,10 € 8
€ 0,03/0,06 € 1,5 € 12
€ 0,05/0,10 € 2,5 € 20
€ 0,10/0,20 € 5 € 40
€ 0,15/0,30 € 7,5 € 60
€ 0,20/0,40 € 10 € 80
€ 0,25/0,50 € 12,50 € 100
€ 1/2 € 25 € 600
€ 2/4 € 50 € 600
€ 3/6 € 150 € 900
€ 5/10 € 250 € 1500

New Player

New player that wishes to join a game with blinds, needs to either wait for the big blind or invest the eaqual amount of the big blind to start playing from different positions.

Missed blinds

If you miss playing the blind in a particular round the house dealer asks if you want to post, that is, put in as many chips as are in the blind you missed.


When a player puts the last of their chips into a pot, that player is said to be all­in. An all-in player is not eligible to win more money from any other player then what he had at the table before the pot. The all­in player will be eligible for the main pot and if other players bet more there will be a side pot.

Server Problems

If there is a server crash before the tournament has started the registered players will get a refund of the buy-in and/or the entry fee within 24 hours. The tournament is started when the first hand of cards is dealt.



In all limit games, raise has to at least the size of a previous Bet/Raise except if player is all in

Fixed Limit

On each table there is a limit that determines blinds and bets. Big blind is considered the lower limit in limit games ( for example €5/10 the big blind is €5). The lower limit is used in first two rounds of betting and the higher limit is used in the last two betting rounds. Maximum number of bets which can be done in one round is 4 (bet + 3 raises).

No Limit

in No limit games players can bet any amount in any moment. The only restriction is the amount of chips you have on the table. Minimum bet is eaqual to the big blind.

Pot Limit

In Pot Limit games, players are allowed to bet any amount at any time up to the size of the pot. The minimum bet is equal to the size of the big blind or the bring-in.


All out play money games are free. If you are playing for real money a small fee called rake is taken from the pot. Rake is taken only in pots where there had been a flop dealt. Only player that received whole cards (active players) are considered participants.

No Limit, Pot Limit and Fixed Limit:

Rake is defined by weighted contributed method which means that each player participates in rake proportionally with the amount he invested in the pot. Rake is a 5% fee from the pot where there was a flop up to the maximum of €3.

Rake rules:

  • There is not Rake before the flop
  • Rake is 5%
  • Max Rake is 3 EUR
  • You have the right on rakeback for Ring games play. (SitnGos and tournaments are not ring games)
  • Tournament games do not count towards rakeback

Rakeback Rules

  • The players have the right to 30% of rakeback of contributed rake. Each rakeback is counted individually and is rounded to 2 decimals

Example of Rakeback calculation

Total pot is 30 EUR
Rake 5% = 1,5 EUR
Rakeback - total 30%*1,5 =0,45 EUR
Rakeback individual
How many players were in the pot and how many individually invested in the pot?
4 players , ( player A , player B, player C, player D)
player A = 10 EUR or 33,33% of pot
player B = 10 EUR or 33,33 % of pot
player C = 5 EUR or 16,66% of pot
player D = 5 EUR or 16,66% of pot
Individually per player
Player A (0,45*0,33) =0,14EUR
Player B (0,45*0,33) =0,14 EU
Player C (0,45*0,16) =0,07 EUR
Player D (0,45*0,16) =0,07 EUR

Texas Hold'em


At the same table there can be 2, 6 or 9 players, defined by the table rules


In Texas Hold'em the button determines the dealer and it moves clockwise.


Texas Hold'em is a game with two blins ''Small Blind'' and ''Big Blind''. Before the cards are dealt players invest blinds in the pot. The player left of the dealer puts small blind and the next player in turn puts big blind.

Blinds are considered ''live'' bets. If you have put a blind in the pot you only have to put the difference if there is one between the blind and the current bet or raise. Players in blind can fold, call, check or raise.


Every player gets 2 cards face down. These cards are called whole cards. After that comes the flop which is 3 cards face up. After that comes the turn which is another community card face up. The last community card is called the River or fifth street. This comes to 5 community cards that are face up.


In texas Holde'em there are 4 rounds of betting. The first round of betting is after all players receive 2 whole cards. In that round a player left of the big blind is first. In subsequent rounds the frist active player left of the dealer begins the action.


If there is no more betting, after all cards had been dealt, showdown determined the winner. The hand with the strongest 5 cards wins the pot. Players can use 1 or 2 whole cards, but they can also play the board which means they are using all 5 community cards. If 2 or more players show the same hand, they split the pot.

If there was betting on the River, the player that made the last bet or raise has to show his hand first. If there was no betting, first remaining player left of the dealer show his hand.



Every player receives rakeback in amount of 30% of contributed rake every 1st in the month. Only play in Ring games counts.

Play in tournaments does not give rakeback

Rakeback Bonus

For monthly rakeback bigger than 300€ you will receive extra 50% on your montlhy rakeback.

The rakeback amount is added to your account each 1st in the month from 00:30 - 01:00 hours for the previous month.

Unfair play

  • Collusion, by which two or more players work together in the games or share knowledge to gain an unfair advantage over other players, is strictly prohibited.
  • You may not intentionally lose a hand to another player in order to transfer chips (‘chip dumping’).
  • If you are involved in staking, swaps, profit-sharing, or any kind of bankroll sharing agreement with another player, you may not play at the same cash game table.
  • WWin will take steps to detect and prevent all forms of cheating, which may include examination of your account, hand histories and programs running concurrently with our software.
  • You may not use any of the programs or services on the “prohibited” list while the client is running. The list is not exhaustive, and WWin reserve the right to add to or modify the list at any time.
  • Unfair play, such as collusion, multiple account abuse and use of prohibited programs may result in penalties. These penalties may include warnings, restrictions on playing with certain players, seizure of funds and in the end permanently closing Your WWin account.
  • In the case that WWin deem that a user is involved or attempted to engage in unfair/unproper play or other manipulation of the game, WWin reserves the right to take appropriate actions for particular case.
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