How to play Texas Hold'em Poker

You will learn to play Poker fast. Just combine the cards in your hand with community cards. Bet with combinations you can win with or wait for the next round and new cards.

The goal is to win the pot (by holding the strongest hand or as the last remaining player left). The strongest hand is the best possible combination at the end of the round (check hand rankings). When you are the only active player left, you will win the hand no matter what cards you hold.

Pot increases in 4 rounds of betting:
1. After the cards are dealt
2. After the Flop
3. After the Turn
After the river

The start of the round

First we set the dealer. Small blind is the player left of the dealer and the player left of the small blind is big blind. The dealer deals two cards to each players based on which they decide if they want to play or not. The first to act is the player left of the big blind.

Player moves

Player actions are:
check - continues playing without wagering (only if players in front of him haven't raised);
call - pays the raise or bet;
raise - bets chips raising the pot;
fold - quits the game in the current round not showing cards.


After the first round of betting the dealer deals the Flop. From now on the first to act is the small blind.

Flop are the first three community cards


The next card is the Turn and players bet again.

Turn is the fourth community card on the table


The last round of betting is the river where players make the final hand. The round ends with a showdown. When there is only one acitve player left, he wins the pot.

The river is the fitfh and last community card at the table

Poker is easy to learn and play. But if you want to become an expert you need lots of experience. Read the advice and advance your knowledge!

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