Top bets

    Spain - Sweden14.06. 21:001,394,709,801,092,961,19
    Hungary - Portugal15.06. 18:007,604,201,502,581,121,22
    Poland - Slovakia14.06. 18:001,833,405,701,192,081,36
    Hungary - France19.06. 15:008,404,601,382,921,101,18
    England - Scotland18.06. 21:001,364,709,201,093,001,18
    Netherlands - Austria17.06. 21:001,633,905,401,182,241,24
    France - Germany15.06. 21:002,763,052,881,441,481,37
    Denver - Phoenix14.06. 02:002,20-1,68---
    Italy - Switzerland16.06. 21:001,643,606,001,162,221,27
    Italy - Wales20.06. 18:001,474,107,601,112,621,22

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